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About Us

About us

Baby player academy has been launched to be the first academy here in Egypt that uses unique and creative methods. Not only in teaching football skills, but also in increasing the fitness levels and building the characters of the kids.

The academy accepts kids starting 3 years old to the maximum age of 7 as this is one of the main stages in the child’s life as he makes new friends and have a high urge to explore the surrounding environment. Accordingly, they start to build their characters and define the main traits with the help of the surrounding elements. Our role is to provide a safe and supervised area for your children to be able to have their own space and explore. We also use toys and games to stimulate their minds to create and have fun while they are being taught the skills of football.


we are promising to create a lifetime champion not a temporary player


creating a safe zone for the kids to increase their fitness, mental stability and learn football skills

About Omar Soltan


  1. Al Asaseya license                                                 
  2. C license                                                                   
  3. FIFA diploma in football medicine                      
  4. Be fit diploma AFPT level 4                                 

Training CV

  1. AC Milan soccer school – Pegasus dreamland
  2. Real Madrid technical school in Egypt
  3. Border guards club                
  4. personal fitness trainer and nutritionist


football is the number one sport in Egypt. And the upcoming generations have a lot of problems caused by the rise of the internet and the limitations that are caused by the surrounding environment and the unorganized life style of some parents and kids. As a result, baby player academy used the main sport in Egypt to fix all this. In our academy, we use football as the main track to organize and improve the kid’s lifestyle. Under the supervision of professional football coaches who are former football players, we use toys and mind games in order to stimulate the kids minds and increase creativity. Not only but also, through football we help them to increase their physical fitness, organize diets and general health and finally improve their personal traits such as team work, decision making, response problems and other phycological problems.


1. Football skills

Football is our main track, as a result we put a lot of efforts and ideas into our football programs to be able to achieve the best output from our kids. This will make football a very strong pin point to support the other services. Our unique aspect is that we use toys like blocks, puzzles and other tools to stimulate their minds and help them be creative and more accurate with their calculations.

2. Fitness

Through out our football programs we help the kids to move and do a lot of effort to increase their metabolism (fat burning rate) and help them have a healthy body and a well-built physique that will help them in the future to stay healthy and in shape. As well as organizing special diets for the kids to help them in being fit and healthy.

3. Phycological rehabilitation through sports

Nowadays, a lot of children have problems like being shy, alone, lack of communication, not being able to make friends or being afraid in getting into peer groups to avoid being bullied. We work in the practice time to solve all these problems through mingling the children together with ice breaking games before the actual training to help them feel comfortable and safe in our disciplined football field and consequently in their private lives.

4. Diet and nutrition

Our diet and nutrition programs are offered to the kids who need it only. Some of them may be over weight or underweight so we provide them with a food program that will help in improving their shape and performance.

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1.Time .

we take advantage of every minute in the training period to get the optimum output.

2.Creativity and Fun.

we use a lot of games; toys and the coaches participate with the kids in them.


all our coaches are former football players who have a huge experience.

4.Strict and disciplined.

being well organized and polite in the football field are the keys to success.


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